Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Del Norte, Week 5

Well, in all honesty the worst part of the week was when the prophet died, besides the fact that it was a sad time for the members, the missionary work seemed to take a turn for the worst.  Almost everyone in the zone had horrible "luck" and lost a ton of investigators that were close to being baptized. It seemed like the entire world was against the missionaries and the people we were teaching. Many of our investigators had horrible accidents and some simply decided they didn´t want to progress. Anyways this type of thing was happening in all the areas of the zone. Due to this we ended up doing splits all week with several companionships in order to cheer up some missionaries and help the others to take advantage of the opportunity to work harder!
Our splits started out when I went to an area called Quintas with Elder Mortensen.  I went over there to "destroy" the area by putting baptism dates with everyone, unfortunately it didn´t go to plan.  They had put down 10 appointments that day for me to go visit, and every single one of the fell through... So we got that chance to knock on dozens of doors and work our leg muscles hahaha.  The next day I stayed in the same area but with Elder Fastabend (an elder from Ojinaga that I was with previously).  I stayed around to see if I could try to destroy the area once again, unfortunately all the appointments once again fell through except for a few that already were on track to baptism. The next day one of the elders called and said that he wanted to return to his house because everyone thing was going wrong and he lost literally every one of his investigators.  So we did splits with him, my companion went with him and I went with his companion Elder Lignell.  We worked in my own area where we had a family home evening and then attempted to teach a girl about the word of wisdom.  In the end she decided she will only stop drinking coffee when she decides to get baptized and that she is going to buy me some hot pink pajamas with multi-colored coffee beans all over it. She then gave us a ride home and proceeded to go to the local superstore to buy coffee. She´s cool but we´ve got a lot of work to do haha. The next day I returned back to Quintas where I did a baptism interview and played the piano for the branch, this is where the miracles began to happen...
Alright, well after the horrible week of all the appointments falling through and everyone losing their investigators we were expecting a low church attendance this week. But this is where the biggest miracle of the week came into play, in our zone we have 6 companionships and at church we brought 25 people to church! Almost every area brought 4 or more, it was amazing! Then in the night as everyone passed their information about the week we had 93 new investigators!  Unfortunately, our goal for the zone was 100 so we decided to call everyone up in the zone and to have everyone leave the house and get at least 1 new investigator.  Everyone got super excited and left and we achieved our goal! It was a super cool blessing! And a great way to end a week that was a little more difficult.
Well that was our week here in the zone of Tec 2!

con much amor,

Elder Bunch or Elder Sheeran (nickname by the members of Del norte) or Aunt Elder Bunch (nickname by the sister missionaries because i sew, cook, and clean. I guess that is abnormal hahaha)

México Chihuahua Misión

Del Norte

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Del Norte, Week 4

It was a great experience to see you all on Christmas and it is a little crazy to see how much everyone has changed! I barely recognized everyone hahaha.  It will be quite an interesting experience to see everyone in 7 months!  It is good to see that everyone is doing well, even if my internet connection was horrible this year! haha.!

Alright, well this week was pretty great! Our baptisms fell through but one is getting baptized this week, so it ended up well in the end! We also got to have several parties with the members! This week I got to go on splits with the assistants, in all honestly it is a lot more fun to do divisions/splits with the assistants as a zone leader than when I was a secretary haha. Anyways we spent almost the entire day contacting and I was in the area of the assistants with one of them and unfortunately almost all the appointments of the day fell through. But it was still a great experience in which I learned a lot that I have been applying in my area lately and helping the missionaries in the zone. Another cool moment was I got to see my mission son again, right now he is the new secretary so he was in the same house as we were, good experience! He still hasn`t changed at all haha.

Yesterday for new years day we had a massive zone activity.  We started out the day by playing a weird version of Mexican football.  In the end we finished with a massive argument as all the white guys started to explain the actual rules of football and all the Mexicans tried to explain that their football was the true football.  It was a fun experience up until that point, although I’m pretty sure I’ll be sore for the entire week (these darn games always end up in tackle haha). Afterwards we all took naps and then prepared a lunch/dinner.  Every companionship brought some food and we had a large meal! I made about 15 pounds of wings, Chinese style! They were super good although I’m pretty sure I might have gave 2 missionaries gastritis, but they tasted really good so I guess that is the sacrifice you make when you eat a lot haha. Unfortunately, the activity ended 30 minutes late and with the 2 missionaries getting sick, the event made the president of the mission a little angry and he ironed us a little bit.  It was alright though because we deserved it a little bit hahaha. That is just how it goes when you throw a super hip party for your zone!

Well that was our week!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Bunch

México Chihuahua Misión

Monday, December 25, 2017

Del Norte, Week 3

This week was a pretty cool week.  I got a solo opportunity when we sang in the Christmas program for the missionaries here in Chihuahua.  We got to help some missionaries in the zone get a couple of baptisms and then we taught about 30 guys in a rehabilitation center! Oh and I took out 50$ from the card because we started to get super sick bathing in freezing water every day, but now everything is going well and we have our strength back! (p.s. I might buy a thick sweater soon (it´s cold!), there are some cool ones here that are cheap, just for a heads up haha)
Alright, well everything began Monday when we started making plans for our musical number.  We all started singing and in the end it turns out I sing a great soprano (p.s. I don´t know what that means but it gave me a solo so I like it!). We are going to be singing hallelujah from Shrek and silent night, it´s going to be a mix of the two if we can pull it off. The president Montoya asked our zone to sing for the Christmas party which is why we are doing this all in the first place.  It has been a struggle to organize everything but it appears that everything is going well.  The sister missionaries are going to be playing the piano, violin, and the flute. and all the elders will be singing the other parts.

During the week we did a lot of splits to help two companionships baptize this past weekend.  My companion did the interviews while I went with their companions and got to "know their area" (in Chihuahua mission terms this means you go and put baptism dates with all their investigators and if they don´t accept or don´t show signs of progress you have the elders leave the investigator). It was a pretty great time, I got to go on splits with a brand new missionary named Elder Lignell.  He´s a newbie from Brighton and he´s super cool and led me to some cool investigators that if everything goes well will be baptized this following month! We also found a man that basically owns a mountain and all his family lives on this mountain.  He´s helping us out to teach this message to all his family members on the mountain.  Hopefully the elders over there will start to see some cool results soon!  In the end of the week we got to see the fruits as we had 2 baptisms in the zone and many more prepared for the following weeks!

On Saturday we planned an activity for the entire zone to go to a place called DOXA.  It´s a big rehabilitation center in our zone. The plan was to visit them at 4:00 and bring a big pot of milk and rice (common dish here).  Well almost nothing went to plan hahaha.  We arrived at 4:00 and only 4 other missionaries were there.  My companion stayed with 1 to prepare the food meanwhile we (the other 3) went to start the lesson while the others arrived, they arrived about 4:30 and they had lost our appointment.  Luckily they gave us a bit of time to talk. So the other 2 missionaries and I started to teach and do a lot of activities, it was great! When we had ten minutes left before leaving, all the other missionaries arrived just in time to make an appearance and hand out cards. We then promptly finished and returned to the house, to finish preparing the food, which we then took to the facility.  In the end of the day it was a fun experience and a lot of the people have a grand desire to talk to the missionaries when they left.  They all have our contact information and want us to continue visiting and sharing the message that we have. It was a super fun and powerful experience! 

Well that was our week here! I Believe I will be skyping about 5 or 6 next Monday! It is crazy how fast this year has gone by! Anyways I’m super excited to talk to you guys next week!
con mucho amor,
Elder Bunch
México Chihuahua Misión

Del Norte