Friday, July 7, 2017

Secretario Ejecutivo, Week 12

Como le va?

     Well this week was quite the busy one for once haha.  We are starting a new cycle here (that means by the time I finish this cycle I’ll have 3 cycles as a secretary almost a ¼ of my mission, that´s crazy!) which also means we had to prepare for the new missionaries and for the missionaries who were leaving.  In the end of the week we had to prepare and help Hermana Montoya cook for the leadership counsel.  Finally, Friday and Saturday we dedicated our time to actual secretary work.
     Well let´s start from Monday, the new missionaries leave from the CCM at 2 in the morning and they arrived here at about 8:00.  In order to prepare for the new guys we had to leave at about 5:30 to go to the house of president and to help the Hermana Montoya prepare the breakfast.  We spent the next 2 hours preparing the house and cooking a ton of hot cakes, and a fajita type dish with sausage instead of chicken. It was great! At about 8 the newbies finally showed up and we feasted… Well the secretaries and the assistants feasted the new guys were all too tired to eat much… so we ate their food for them! It was fantastic! After the breakfast we took all the new guys to our house or the sister missionaries´ house to rest for about 4 hours.  Meanwhile we went and helped keep the changes running smoothly of the missionaries that were now arriving from all over the mission. I got to meet the 2 new missionaries to the district Granjas.  One sister missionary and one elder, both super cool, and it was fun to mess with them haha. After the changes we returned back to the house and grabbed all the new missionaries to meet their trainers.  We then left them with their trainers and we headed back to the house of president to start preparing for the last supper of the missionaries who were leaving.  We spent 3 hours preparing it.  We had chicken with cream, fruit salad, a special rice, a type of soup, and special pasta thingy… it was awesome as well! The best part the event was due to the fact we set up everything meant that the assistants had to clean it all up! Nothing quite like cooking without needing to deal with cleaning it up! We then spent Tuesday doing interviews with the leaving missionaries, teaching district meeting, and teaching the new missionaries about the financial rules of the mission and passports.  On Wednesday we took the missionaries that were leaving to the airport and we almost didn´t make it.  When we arrived at the gate it had just been shut 4 minutes earlier and we couldn´t buy tickets.  Luckily we persuaded the flight assistant to help us out and we were able to get the missionaries on their plane, 5 minutes before it took off.  We are planning in the future to make sure the missionaries don´t forget stuff in the house that makes us arrive late hahaha. 

On Thursday we had all the zone leaders at our house and then we had the zone counsel where the president and assistants talk to the zone leaders, it was cool, and we made a feast of Barbacoa (it is like sloppy joes but Mexican!).  The mission is preparing to have a huge baptizing month, and I think we´ll accomplish it! Afterwords we spent the next two days working in the offices, and better working in our own area, which paid off when the investigators came to church on Sunday! It was great! 

That was our week here,

Con amor,

Elder Bunch
México Chihuahua Misión

Secretario Ejecutivo 

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