Friday, July 7, 2017

Secretario Ejecutivo, Week 13

Hey que tal?! 

     Sounds like quite a cool experience that you all had on Pioneer trek.  I´ve learned that trekking is good practice for when one comes on a mission to a dessert/Chihuahua and you need to walk all day. It even is about the same dress style hahaha. But it is good to hear it was a solid experience!
     Well this week was another busy week, from cooking for the missionaries in the conferences to going to the airport to take more missionaries home, we did a bit of it all this week! On Monday we spent the morning playing basketball with a couple other missionaries like we do just about every Monday, it was here that we realized the President and Hermana Montoya were going to complete 1 year in the mission on Tuesday. Ever since the shirt incident I´ve been established as the official tech guy in the mission (kinda like in the ward haha), so I got put to work on making a video with all the memorable pictures of the previous year. It ended up pretty sweet (which we found out the next day), then in the rest of my freetime I started working on new shirt designs (ever since the Chimex shirt came out everyone wants me to make shirts for their zone, or for their families, which I will do it if they pay for my shirt haha). On Tuesday we had the first conferences for the cycle, which always starts in Chimex (my zone) and Chuviscar. This time however president told us we couldn´t help Hermana Montoya and had to watch the conference.  So this was my first time seeing the Conference in 4 months! It was Sweet! During lunch break we had President and Hermana Montoya come into the dining hall and played the Video I made, it was great and Hermana started to cry! Win! And then they both asked me to send them the video so they could keep it! It was a great conference! On Wednesday we had to take a missionary to the airport nice and early like usual.  The president is working on “purifying” the mission again (he did it last year and sent like 15 missionaries to their home) so anyway I’ve been kept pretty busy and I´m going to the airport again on Tuesday at 3:00 in the morning! Great... It´s alright though, we´ve been seeing a lot of success here recently because of it.  We (the mission) are now baptizing people every week without fail, and not just 1 or 2, like 10 or more, it´s great! On Thursday we had conference in Tech, another zone here in Chihuahua, we spent the entire time cooking a feast and taking pictures, it was pretty normal in terms of that point.
     On Friday we had a missionary activity in the ward where we invited to the ex-missionaries to share some experiences from their missions and then to set up a display.  We planned it about 2 weeks ago and had about 15 ex-missionaries sign up.  We were super excited and prepared everything for all these members for their presentations, then when the day finally came around every single one of them cancelled except for one.  So we played the part of the ex-missionaries and made our own presentations and the other ex-missionary did all the things that we couldn´t do, and prepared some food from her area! Then the members started arriving, about 2 families came, 1 family left because we started 15 minutes late (due to the other family arriving 15 minute late) and then about 10 young single adults showed up to support the awesome missionaries hahaha. In the end, the activity ended up pretty well and then we ironed the ward a bit for not showing up when they keep telling us to do activities.  So the bishop´s counselor gave his testimony on what a great activity it was and the “amazing” assistance of the ward… It was pretty sweat! The ward wants us to do the activity again but with the assistance of the ward this time hahaha.

And well that was our week here!

Con amor,
Elder Bunch
México Chihuahua Misión

Secretario Ejecutivo 

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