Saturday, July 29, 2017

Secretario Ejecutivo, Week 16


Canada sounds pretty cool, and the weather sounds a lot like it has been here recently in terms of the temperature, because we´ve been caught up in massive rainstorms all week and next week! It has been great! Lot of flash floods though, but better to have rain than deadly heat! And hey Amazon delivers hear as well only that it first goes through the Branch president in Texas hahaha, not quite as fast, but it kind of works haha. And I guess Chihuahua actually get´s more visited than I originally thought due to how much tourism we have to deal with when we go the airport (all the Americans trying to speak Spanish with the airport attendants), it is more like a big national park, kinda like the Grand Canyon only without the swimming part as often. It is more of a bring your jeep and journey the mountain and the waterfalls, it´s pretty cool, and then you go to a steak buffet for the best steaks in México! I´ll probably visit when I get back when all the wars start settling down in a year or two, it´ll be sweet! And cool to hear I’ve got another cousin! I’ve lost count…How many do I have now? Hahahaha, and cool to have another red head, I always thought that trait was on dad´s side, maybe not… hahaha. And darn i´m going to miss a lake Powell trip, that´s a bummer, maybe next year I guess, I could go for a striper bass feast one of these days haha. And I shall be looking forward to all the packages, right now the president of Ojinaga is in the states visiting his kid so he won´t be back for a week or two, but soon I shall receive all the packages!

Well this week was awesome! It rained all week keeping the weather cool to the point where we had to use blankets again to sleep! We got a baptism we were pretty sure wasn´t going to happen, and I got to eat some more Menudo even though it is usually only served in the winter! Awesome week!

Well let´s start with the rain, on Wednesday is when it all began, at about 4 the rain started and by 5 there was a river in the street about a foot deep! We went with our chofer to do a few tasks and it felt like we were surfing with how much water was coming over the car, there were parts where it was so deep that it moved our car with the tide, when we finally got to our destination me and my companion had to get out of the car and we were outside for about 30 seconds and we were already soaked, on the return back to the car my companion fell into a big hole that looked like the sidewalk and well he got soaked and was not happy about it, to say the least hahaha. But I thought it was super cool due to not seeing sufficient rain in a year haha. I´ll send a pic when it was starting and we were in the middle of the city!

Onto the unpredicted baptism, well a little while ago I put a goal for the district to baptize every week, and well we´ve been pulling it off! We were a little worried that we wouldn´t keep our goal because this week the Hnas. Had a date for an inv. And everything was going well until Friday when I went to do another baptism interview and my companion went to do the interview with this inv. Of the hnas. Well my interview went well but the inv. Of the Hnas. Wasn´t in his house so they couldn´t do the baptism interview, so we postponed it until tomorrow, only problem was that on Saturday we had to go take a missionary to the airport for certain reasons… Anyways we called the zone leaders up and they went to do the interview, only problem was that the inv. Called and told us he was in the hospital with his niece who had an accident and couldn´t come, and so that go rid of that option. So our last resort was today(Sunday) during the second hour during gospel principals he asked us for a blessing to help him for his travel (oh and he is leaving the area for 2 months, because of this it was a bit rushed to get him baptized), after the blessing we asked him if he would like to be baptized, and he said yes, but only if we did it then because he was leaving the next day. So we talked with our mission leader and he organized it all, and boom I got to baptize him! It was awesome! And well that was our week here in México!

con amor,

Elder Bunch
México Chihuahua Misión
Secretario Ejecutivo 

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