Saturday, July 29, 2017

Secretario Ejecutivo, Week 15

Hola ¡que rollo!

Sounds like Canada went pretty well, if it is anything like how Alaska was then it must´ve been pretty sweet! Right now I´m trying to convince the assistants and president to send me to Madera.  It is an area In our mission in the mountain range and also happens to be the coldest area in all of México.  I´ve been coming up with some pretty good arguments but we´ll have to see how it goes.  It has already started to cool down over there, and during the winter it averages about 15 degrees Fahrenheit in the day! But apparently it is a super cool place with a lot of pine trees and Yellowstone type animals! It would be fun to go there though because Ojinaga is the hottest place in the mission (in the spring/summer) and Madera is the coldest (in the winter) and to have the two of them on my list of areas would be sweet hahaha
This week was another week dealing with lots of river flooding and just flooding in general, it was sweet! Apparently it is super common during this time in the year and that the waterfalls in the mountain range are amazing (another reason I hope I go to the mountain range haha). Luckily nothing to bad has happened yet due to the flooding at least that I know of haha. This week we also continued with our baptism per week goal. This week was pretty cool because the other elders baptized an inv. That I met during her first lesson with the missionaries.  The only thing was back then I would´ve never thought she would get baptized.  She was super serious said she was a faithful Catholic and wouldn´t open the door but one of her daughters opened it. It´s a miracle that she got baptized! And she is so different now.  She is super cool and makes us some awesome food! This next week the sister missionaries have another baptism of a widow they found a while ago and she has 4 daughters that range from 9 years old to a 1 year old.  She´s super cool and has a strong desire to be baptized as well as her 9 year old daughter! It looks like we are on track to win the balero (ball and stick thingy) again for the zone! Assuming that everything goes well!

Another great week in Chihuahua,

Con amor,

Elder Bunch
México Chihuahua Misión

Secretario Ejecutivo 

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